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Brie History

It was created by monks in the middle ages. These monks were from Reuil en Brie. It began its climb to popularity in 774, when french emperor charlemagne, went there, and discovered brie for himself. He loved it so much he sent two hundred rounds of Brie de Meaux, to all his court members for new years.

Around the 16th century, Henry the fourth stumbled upon the cheese when he ate dinner with the Queen, at the old castle of Meaux. It is said that the Queen requested the cheese to be served, to please her husband.

Though, it was the 19th century when Brie gained its true popularity. At one of the most important banquets, the Congress of Vienna, a French diplomat, Talleyrand, called for a break in the discussion of the nations, for a cheese contest. This resulted in over sixty types of cheeses, all tried with great attention. None other compared to Brie de Meaux, so it was declared the king of cheeses, Le Roi des Fromages.