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1. A cheese connoisseur, cheese fancier

1. Someone who is an expert in selling cheese. Can include other dairy products.

1. Someone who is an expert in ageing cheese
a. Feminine affineuse

Brie cheese
1. A soft and surfaced ripened cheese with a pale yellow interior and off white rind

Le Roi des Fromages
1. The king of cheeses
a. Brie cheese

1. Normally referring to the peel of a fruit
2. The outside shell of cheese formed during the cheesemaking process, usually edible.
3. Bloomy rind
a. A cheese rind, white in color, and is soft and fluffy
4. Natural Rinds
a. Rubbed in oil or lard during the aging process, causing a thicker, protective, layer to form.
5. Washed Rinds
a. They are cheese rinds that are washed during the cheese maturing process.