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How to Pair Brie

Traditionally served with crackers or bread, such as a baguette so it won’t compete with the flavor. As well as paring something acidic to bring out a velvety texture. This can be accomplished with fruits. For example, apples, pears, grapes, even fig jam or honey. Not only that but nuts can add a nice earthy tone. Not only that but you can cook with it, melting it into many different dishes to enjoy.

The one drink you can never go wrong with though, is champagne. Though, there are certain wines, and even beers, that pair well. Soft and fruity red wines contrast very well, while dry whites will also pair nicely. Though if you’re going to try beer, a hearty one is best. As well as the ones on the fruitier side. Lastly, if alcohol isn’t on the menu, fresh fruit juices, like apple or grape, pair beautifully.